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Hot Rod Amp Service

Got a dud Tweed Deluxe that's just not cutting it?

Harsh? Flubby? Anemic? Whatever?

Collecting dust?

Have the Speed Shop turn it into great performer.

Consider sending your chassis to the Speed Shop for a tune-up to Studio-Series specifications and performance.

Rondo can repair and/or modify your 5E3 to Studio-Series specification, so that it will not have too much bass response and will sound great when overdriven and played clean.

Average charge is $350 to overhaul a 5E3. Return shipping ($50 to conti US) not included.

This charge covers addressing major build issues, correcting errors, full testing of existing components, and replacing [basically] all the caps and a few other parts, bringing it inline with my Studio Series platform.

Other parts, if required for repair, would be extra.

Hot Rod Service results are generally very, very good; with bad sounding, toneless amps routinely brought up to great sounding, inspiring players.

In addition to making your Deluxe a player, Hot Rod Service can increase the value of your amplifier.

All that is needed is your chassis (and tubes, if you'd like them tested and auditioned as well).

If you are interested in this service, you might send some photos of the amp interior so that the current condition can be evaluated (not all chassis are worth the investment) and Rondo will get back to you.

Feel free to call 239-689-5941 or write Rondo to arrange service and/or ask any questions.
"Hey Ron, the chassis arrived this afternoon. I’ve been playing it for the last few hours; this is wonderful, thank you. Definitely a much improved version of the amp it once was. The lows are tighter and overall a much smoother bloom that goes on forever. I was never happy with this amp all the years I’ve owned it. It wasn’t cheap and it really didn’t fit me; but, I kept on using it hoping that it would grow on me or I would somehow stumble upon the magic sweet spot. It just never had any sustain and I felt like I was playing through a blanket... No matter how much I played this thing It never sounded like the people I listened to and admired that played the same amp... I finally have the amp that I thought I was buying from Fender! This thing is killer! If this is what you can do with a tune up and a tube set, I can’t wait to play the Super you’re building for me! Regards," - J. A. (Fender '57 Deluxe, SS HR Service)
"Man this 5E3 freakin’ SMOKES…I never imagined it could sound so much better. It’s just ridiculous….honestly speaking, I think i am going to have to relearn how to play this amp, as I had gotten used to being dissatisfied with its sound….no more sir!!" - B. T.
"I just wanted to let you know that the amp sounds MUCH better and I love that speaker!" - J. H.
"Hey Ron, the amp is awesome! Whole new beast. The breakup is something it simply didn’t do before. Sure glad I had you do the work. Nice job!" - D. A. (Victoria 20112)
Hot Rod Service Demo Video:

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