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Hi, and thanks for checking out the Speed Shop Bassman Combo!

Being that the 5F6a and JTM45 circuits differ only by way of a few component values, I have opted to tune the Speed Shop Bassman towards the Marshall so as to shift the performance toward a more modern blues-rock range.

I am currently using some great vintage output transformers that are extremely rare, so I will eventually need to source others when these run out - but a few early units will feature them.

All NOS caps and resistors are used, as well as the best new components available. A spare-no-expense Speed Shop machine - as usual.

Configurations include 2x10, 4x10, or head. Speakers are Speed Shop A10Qs, which sound terrific with this circuit, or others can be substituted by request.

Power tubes employed can be EL34, 5881, etc. Dimed output is pushing 50 watts RMS with EL34s. Right now I am running a pair of Genalex Gold Lion KT66.

The amp pictured at the top is a 2x10 Bassman Combo with a premium dark cabinet and KT66 power tubes. 4x10 Bassman with Les Paul. 2x12 Bassman at bottom.

Please contact Rondo for more info.


March 2022 - Speed Shop 5F6a Bassman

Rondo demos a new 5F6a Bassman. EL34s. Stock Strat straight in.

December 2021 - Quick Speed Shop Bassman Demo (Camera Audio)

Rondo demos the new Speed Shop 5F6a Tweed Bassman. EL34 Power through 2xA10Q speakers. JTM45 Tune. Stock '57 AVRI Strat straight in.

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