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Speed Shop TD58OT Output Transformer
TD58OT Output Transformer

Without getting into specifics, In the late '50s, Fender used several different output transformers in the Tweed Deluxe. One of those transformers had an unusual architecture and this resulted in a different sound; the best sound of them all. Deluxes with this output transformer exhibited less bass response, more midrange and very smooth overdrive characteristics.

Rondo and the Speed Shop have reversed-engineered and recreated the transformer in question and it is now included as an upgrade option on all Speed Shop Deluxe amplifiers.

The TD58OT is standard on 5E3-P2P amplifiers.

Please note: the TD58OT is not available individually as they are hand-wound in small quantities.

Lots of folks claim to make exact copies of vintage transformers, don't believe it. The TD58OT is the real thing.

Feel free to call 239-689-5941 or write Rondo with any questions.
Speed Shop Custom Tweed Deluxe 1958 Output Transformer Reproduction:

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