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5E3-P2P: Tweed Deluxe 5E3 True Point to Point
Rondo with new P2P Chassis on the Bench

From the wild mind of Rondo comes the 5E3-P2P!

5E3-P2P Combo Relic

Imagine going back in time, to 1959, and playing a brand new Fender Tweed Deluxe.

Being comprised of the finest NOS components where applicable, the Speed Shop P2P is such a time machine.

Rondo goes a step further by implementing his unique point-to-point design that eliminates most of the wire used in the originals.

Hand-built personally by Rondo, in true point-to-point fashion - just like the old Valco (Airline, Supro, Gretsch, etc.) amplifiers, as well as the best vintage pro-recording outboard gear - the P2P is the finest amplifier the Speed Shop makes.

It is also the most popular.

"Great sounding amp! Beautiful tones, very flexible, and quiet. Fantastic workmanship all around." - Joe Satriani
Rondo with Joe Satriani

The P2P solves the issues of the problematic tag board and superfluous miles of wire used in the original amps, by replacing that factory-friendly Fender architecture with the more logical (and highly regarded) direct component-to-component approach.

Due to this minimal use of wire, P2Ps are almost wireless.

P2Ps are also tuned to Studio-Series specs for optimal tonal range and response, providing:

  • Reduced low-end response and smoother highs
  • Much wider range of useful tones in mild gain settings
  • Tighter and smoother overdrive
  • More tonal colors available overall
  • Generally warmer in tone and response

Built entirely with rare, premium, new old stock (NOS) vintage components (save for the power transformer, electrolytic caps and pots) the P2P also comes standard with the Speed Shop's reversed-engineered 1958 Tweed Deluxe TD58OT vintage-clone output transformer.

Essentially, the P2P is a brand new 50 year-old amplifier.

The result? These 5E3s sound amazing. From beautiful compressed cleans to the most organic, stinging overdrive; these Tweed Deluxes do it all.

There is nothing left to get in the way. Pure tone.

From single coils to humbuckers, bridge to neck pickups, solid bodies to semi-hollows; there is not a bad setting to be found.

The best of everything. No compromises. It does not get any better.

Balanced, blueprinted, built, tested, and signed by Rondo, P2P amplifiers are quite rare as they are not made in large numbers.

Available in a Combo or Head cabinet, or as a chassis only order.

There are several P2P videos included below, highlighting multiple guitars and settings. The last video is the Ultimate Tweed Deluxe Demo, which is quite long, but covers Tweed Deluxe tones from many classic recordings. Please check them out at your convenience. There are over 100 Speed Shop videos on the Speed Shop's YouTube Channel.

Download the 5E3-P2P price sheet here.

Please call 239-689-5941 or email with any questions and/or to place an order.
"I am seriously impressed, you really nailed the tone!!! I went to our local guitar center today where they had a 1951 Tweed Deluxe amp. I A/B'ed your amp against it side by side and your amp just destroyed the original. Your amp sounded so much richer, had much more bottom end and lots of tonal quality! I was surprised how many different tones you can get by just turning three knobs! You did an amazing job, one of the best amps if not the best amp I have ever bought and I have owned quite a few! Thanks for everything." - Joe M.

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All amplifiers are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year, parts and labor, with shipping costs the responsibility of the owner. This warranty is voided in the event of abuse, misuse, or any modifications to the circuit performed by third parties or otherwise unauthorized personnel. Vintage components provided on an as-is basis.

All Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop amplifiers are fully tested and auditioned by Rondo prior to shipping.

To Place an Order:
All amplifiers are built to order with current lead times of 4-6 weeks. A deposit of $1000 is appreciated with all orders and the balance payable prior to shipping. Please contact Rondo for a complete quote. PayPal is preferred, check and wire transfers accepted. International orders welcome.
Video Demos:
P2P - '60 Les Paul Jr - Camera Audio:
P2P - 2010 LSL T-Bone Telecaster:
P2P - '98 AVRI Strat Demo:
P2P - '68 Gibson 335 Clean - Camera Audio:
P2P - Studio Track Demo:
P2P - '68 335:
P2P - Tweed Deluxe Ultimate Demo:

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